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Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Dad the WWII Vet

I just wanted to say a couple of things about my father, Morty Spitz and what he did in WWII. Before my father passed away, of a sudden heart attack, in 1965, I can remember sitting on the front lawn on many a Sunday afternoon with my father, my brother Dave and many of the men of the neighborhood. The men would start talking about what many of them did in WWII. My father would also tell of the time he spent with Battery A, of the 143rd AAA Gun Battalion in the Battle of the Bulge. My bother and I would be enthralled by the stories he would tell. Though his battery didn't have any direct confrontations with German troops the stories were very exciting. In later years, my brother has made a tremendous effort to find out more, at which he's been very successful. He's contacted many of our Dad's companions in the Battalion and through his efforts, we both had the chance to go to the unit's reunion in 2004 and have met many of them. We've found out that our dad was a quiet sort of guy with a good sense of humor, who sure knew how to play ping pong. He was like so many of the young men who went off to war to free Europe and to stop the Nazi menace. He left his new bride of two weeks and didn't see her again for 2 years. But he did his duty and will always be my hero. Dad I salute you.


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