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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Getting Started

Hi, this is my first post ever to a blog. It ought to prove pretty interesting. To start with one of my favorite hobbies is acting in community theater. I've been an actor since my first rehearsal for my first production in August of 1983, over 22 years now. I am currently in rehearsals for a production of "Book of Days", which is a murder mystery, that takes place in a small town in Missouri in contemporary times. The show opens on September 23rd and plays for three weekends, closing on October 9th. The play is through the Montgomery Playhouse in Gaithersburg, MD.

One of my other hobbies which I have been enjoying since I was a boy is the study of Military History and the playing of Military Historical wargames. I got my first wargame in 1960, called Gettysburg, when my parents took me and my siblings to Gettysburg for the first time. For the next 30 years I owned and played hundreds of different games. I was the founder and president of a Friday night Wargame Club in Montgomery County Md. and am still friends with these guys some 30 years since we started. In 1990 I bought my first computer and have been playing wargames a la computer ever since. I just recently joined four, count em, four computer wargame clubs to play other humans, or whatever planet they might hail from. Exciting times!!!

How do I have the time for all of this fun and frivolity, you might ask...Vell I'll tell ya in one word, Retirement!!!!! After 31 years of working for the Federal Government I took my leave and have been living the life of Riley for the past 3 and 1/2 years. Riley, whoever he might have been, sure had it right. There ain't nothin' like it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my first posting. There will be more later.



Blogger SteveR said...

Hello Bill!

Congratulations on your new blog. Great photo, that!

SMjr SteveR

11:13 PM

Blogger E Goodman said...

Great job Bill. Are you going to post JOKES here too?

9:46 AM

Blogger Billy Boy said...

SMjr - I owe it all to you!! Thanks! The Colonel

Bethie - Posting the jokes is an idea I'm considering, but I still like the individual, personal touch. Billy Boy

3:40 PM

Blogger klandersen said...

Mr. Bill,

If you run out of material to use, with you vast hysterical, er historical knowledge you could include a "On this day in History". Then of course you'd have to change the title to the "Encyclopedia Billtanica". On second thought...


10:59 AM

Blogger mek7 said...


Just for the heck of it, I went to google and entered "143rd AAA Gun Battalion". Your blog came up.
My father, Eddie Klaus, passed away last year. He was born and raised in Baltimore.
He also served in the 143rd in the ETO in WW2. I photocopied the unit history from the National Archives in Laurel, MD. At this time, I can't quite recall which battery he was in.
The entire 143rd was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation, for their action at the Bulge. It ws the first time, I believe, in U.S.Army history, that AA guns were used to take out panzers.

Take care,

Mark Klaus

4:02 PM


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