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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Andrew at 8 months and 24 days

It is still one of greatest pleasures to watch my grandson grow. He is now 8 months and 24 days old and already has 4 teeth and is crawling all over the place. He will craw to me, reach up and pull himself to a standing position, grab my hands and have me guide him as he walks around. He knows his name and responds to it and he understands the command "NO". He is weighing in at 25 pounds and 5 ounces. Oy, is he a big boy. But the doctor is not worried about that at all, saying he is right for his height. Here are some of the latest pictures of him.


Blogger Brian said...

Children are a blessing of God and you are a fortunate person that you have a child. Your child is growing and you are watching his actions. It is a really wonderful experience.

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Brian Goethe

2:26 AM

Blogger aa said...

How cute! Andrew is so cute and lovely…
He is looking very innocent in all the pictures. I think he is enjoying the photo session…
God bless Andrew and don’t be worried about the height of Andrew as the doctor also said to you that he is fine according to his age….


2:30 AM

Blogger aa said...

Hi, the baby is looking so cute. He is growing up and I hope very soon the baby will understand everything.


3:06 AM


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