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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where Reno Charged and Custer Watched

Now, this is a view from where Custer watched the start of Reno's charge. This is the last place that Custer was seen alive by survivors of the battle, other than Custer's orderly of the day Trumpeter Giovanni Martin, who would shortly carry Custer's last order, which urged Benteen to Hurry forward and Bring Packs, i/e/ the Pack Train. Benteen crossed the Little Big Horn at the upper left of the picture and charged across the open field from left to right. Custer was on this Bluff overlooking the field of the charge, but could not yet see the extent of the Indian Village, which extended for a couple of miles down the river, i.e. to the right.

Little Big Horn and Reno's Retreat

Last summer we out west and visited, among other great places, the battlefield at Little Big Horn. I'm gonna start posting pictures from various battlefields I've had a chance to visit, but here is the first one. This is a view of the Draw up which Major Reno's command retreated after their fight in the timber. The timber of note is in the upper right quadrant of the picture. After all of these years of reading about the battle and seeing the various movies (few of which got it right, the exception being "Son of the Morning Star" co-starring my brother-in-law David Strathairn, as Captain Benteen [yeah I know I'm being a name dropper here, for which I apologize to David]) finally I got to see and walk much of the actual ground. There is nothing like actually being there to visualize what happened. It was fantastic. If you're interested in this battle, I can't urge you enough, to find a way to "Go West Young Man" or young woman, and see the field for yourself.