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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another opening Another Show

Well it's been since February 22, when I made my last post. So how about another entry from my wonderful world of theater. Next weekend I finsih up a four week run as Mr. Van Daan in "The Diary of Anne Frank". It has been another wonderful, exciting theater experience. This is another one of those shows that I have always wanted to do. So another dream fulfilled. It is especially meaningful to me, and is right up there with "Kindertransport", for shows with special meaning. The role of Mr. VD (as we like to call him) is an excellent one, which runs the gamut of emotions, from comical to irrascible. I've also been blessed to work with a most talanted cast and crew. It's why I love doing theater. The audiences have been very receptive to our performances and have given us a wonderful round of applause at the end of each act and the whole show.

After this I take a little rest from theater until the fall, as I've been going non stop since February, and I've promised my wife I'd give her some time now. But there are a numbe of shows coming up in the fall and winter that I am interested in, so will not be staying away indefinitly.